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Dr. Emma Phibbs, PT, DPT

I was an elite figure skater starting in singles and falling in love with pairs. My parents always placed a large emphasis on education throughout my career and so my goal in life is to pass on the knowledge I've been able to glean from my skating and scholastic career to help others lead happy, healthy, athletic lives. My hope is that skaters (and other athletes for that matter) will be able to take these tools and apply them to their lives in order to understand how sports can compliment and supplement their lifelong goals and not only be their ultimate lifelong goal. Sk8 Smart has been a dream project of mine for many years and I hope to bring together all the great minds to have a wonderful resource for skaters and coaches around the world. 


What seems impossible today will soon be your warm-up

Emma Phibbs

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Tel: 484-200-5404

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